Rigali Packaging has been an invaluable partner as we have started and grown Good Measures Foods, LLC.

Among Rigali’s many strength’s, those of which have helped us most:

  1. Partnership – Rigali proactively engages in design and implementation of new packaging. The Rigali team not only engages with our company, but they also engage our other suppliers and production facilities to help ensure packaging not only looks great, but moves efficiently through the supply chain.
  2. Excellence – Rigali has worked with experience across many materials, customers, packers. They are able to apply learning from other projects to improve the output for Good Measures projects.
  3. Flexibility – Rapid change is a fact in today’s business environment. Rigali has performed extremely well as requirements and timelines continually change.
  4. Communication – The Rigali team is outstanding at sharing ideas and providing status updates on a regular basis.
  5. Creativity - The Rigali team has done an outstanding job in helping design structure and graphics which meet the needs of my customers and communicates brand messaging to consumers.

Should you be in search of an excellent packaging partner, I give Rigali Packaging my highest recommendation.

Roger M. Sudnick, Founder
Good Measures Foods, LLC