Credzels mini pretzels packaging

Client is a co packer who is mission is rehabilitation for gun violence to Create Real Economic Destiny. The project was started to send the message to others looking to make a change in life. The CREDZELS project is a pretzel fill that will be distributed through the Chicago Food Depository. The project began by understanding the end goal, to pack 1 LB of mini pretzels in packaging to spread the word about CRED. We started by analyzing the different types of Pretzels on the market. We then determined the sizing needed based on the available tooling. Once we had the basics, the CRED team and I sat down to discuss the vision. We combined the colors for the marketing of CRED to ensure consistency with the brand. We determined the message that was to be communicated, that message was educating others about CRED. Our design team then took all of the information and created several options with different color layouts and fonts. The team at CRED decided which one they liked the most and we finalized the design for production. They will use the design flow for the balance of the Chicago CRED branded items moving forward.